My vision as your mayor is to create a community that exceeds expectations, providing our citizens with a high quality of life.

This includes strengthening our economic development efforts and becoming the number one city of choice for business relocation and expansion. However, a high quality of life to me is not just a thriving economy and great jobs, but a community that has safe streets, excellent schools, neighborhood parks, significant recreational facilities, smart tax policies and sustainable programs that are efficient and easy to implement.

On the economic development front I am going to take an aggressive approach utilizing the 2017 Henderson Strong comprehensive plan that targets identified business sectors. These areas of business will bring good paying jobs into our city. Henderson Strong was born out of Southern Nevada Strong and incorporates healthy livable communities, a vibrant, resilient economy and active complete transportation for all residents as key strategies.

Another top priority for me is community engagement, which encourages transparency within our government. One of the reasons that Henderson is a premier city is that our citizens want to be involved in working with their local government. I want to focus on communication between residents, businesses and city hall. I plan on personally leading that effort by bringing back monthly town hall meetings, speaking to civic organizations and nonprofits located in our city and incorporating a targeted digital communications plan that can be accessed by all.
My work as the vice-chairwoman of the Regional Transportation Committee (RTC) has been important to our city. Transportation is changing and my responsibility as your mayor is to make sure we are not only adequately prepared, but to take a leadership role transporting our citizens into the future. Our relationships with Nevada Department of Transportation (NDOT) and RTC are instrumental in ensuring Henderson has a place at the table when discussion on our future is taking place. In the last year alone, transit service in Henderson has increased 40%.
Education has always been important to both you and me. With the new formation of our school district, new paths are being drawn for the success of our children and I am excited by what is happening and will be taking an active role moving forward. Currently Henderson is home to 11 colleges and universities. My plan includes working with business and higher education and trade facilities to ensure we have the necessary work force needed for both new businesses and those planning an expansion. We need to plan for the future.

I want to ensure that we are utilizing resources provided by the state and federal government, garnering our fair share of incentives and funding. My goal as your next mayor is to build on our successes and keep the momentum moving forward to chart a course that every other city in America will envy.